Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Little Bit of Paint and Pinterest

I would love to share a fun, up-cycle project I  finished for my classroom. This projected started out as an old cabinet door I purchased from a teacher friend. My first thought was to paint it with chalkboard paint and use it as an objectives board. Well, I did paint it, but it is not an objective board. See, I tend to fiddle around on the fun stuff to keep me from working on the "not so fun" stuff. (Bad I know...) Let's get to it!!
1. I used an old cabinet door I found from a teacher friend on a Junktique Facebook group. I love these sites. I have found several neat items and book for my classroom. Oh, and it is generally very cost-effective.
2. Using chalkboard paint, black paint would work too, I painted the inside panel. It took 2 coats. Let it completely dry before you add a new coat. It needs to go on smooth so you can write on it later.
3. Using red acrylic paint, I painted the border. I didn't know what I wanted at the time so I used a Wal-mart plastic bag to create a texture on the red paint. Then after it dried, I decided I didn't like it and painted it with a second coat of red without the plastic bag texture.
4. While it was drying, I surfed Pinterest for examples of fonts and phrases for my board.
5. When the paint was completely dry, I used a pencil and began to create different fonts. I started off with the first row and then kind of jumped around as I tried to fit everything in. When I messed up, I simply re-painted the black and tried again.
6. When I finally felt that it was good, I used a white paint pen to make the words stand out. This part was super easy.
This is a super cute, inexpensive way to jazz up your classroom. What is something you made for your classroom this summer?

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